"Dogecoin", "Invest or not?" Read in detail below

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Today I am going to discuss about "Dogecoin".
Most of the people nowadays talking about "Dogecoin"
What is "Dogecoin" ?
Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency which got invented in the year 2013 by the meme of dog face - Shibu inu dog.
And the original inventors are Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer 
Recently 113 billions coins already been mined

Is it safe to invest in Dogecoin?
Absolutely yes,Its safe to invest in dogecoin,all you need is patience.In the current year of 2021dogecoin market has valued.Currenty the market price of dogecoin in INR is between Rs 24-26rs per coin,In March It was around 3-4 rs per coin,The currency suddenly hitting high into the market.

Why Elon Musk and Mark cuban is controversial about Dogecoin?

We all know Elon musk invested billions in dogecoin.and in actual in the year of 2019 suddenly he registered his name as billioner in second position in the world
Currently elon musk has tweets continuesly anout dogecoin,he currently known as dogefather,Whenever he tweets anything about any cryptocurrency,the value of that specific cryptocurrency goes up all of sudden.For example in February 2021 he just tweeted "Much wow" he indirectly pointed the cryptocurrency XRP,
Recently he is posting in the support of dogecoin directly.Last week he tweeted "what does the future hodl?",and he was indirectly saying that  if the value of currency will increase,Please don't sell it immediately,Hold there and have some patience for days or months,it will increase more.

And his recent tweet before 3 days was "The Dogefather SNL 8 may" lots of people got confused,but the meaning of that was The dogefather is coming live on Saturday night 8th of may(SNL- Saturday Night Live).

Now,the Mark Cuban is other investor in Dogecoin.Mark Cuban is the owner of basketball team Dallas Maverick.Recently when he was giving his interview in "The ellen Show",he openly spoke about dogecoin,He said "Doge is the one coin that people actually use for transactions"

How Can you invest in "Dogecoin"
In India there are 3 most demanding mediator apps for buying and selling Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies,WazirX,BayUcoin and Coinswitch etc.,And the best thing about this apps are you can easily deposit or withdraw by Imps,Neft,Rtgs or the UPI apps like Bhim,Google pay.
The minimum deposit amount is 100rs,Thats means you can start investing in just 100rs or ad per your budget.
Hope you all got the Idea about everything,All the best and start investing for your better future.Investing in anything will never take you down.
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