Investment is safe or not in "Cryptocurrency",Read detailed information below

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Today We will discuss about detailed information about Cryptocurrency..
1.what is Cryptocurrency?
Basically it is the digital currency which we use it for investment for both long and short term.You can make money by investing in Cryptocurrencies.And It is Legal in India.
2.What are the types of cryptocurrency?
Ripple XRP
BitTorrent ,these are the most common types of cryptocurrency

3.Investment in cryptocurrency is safe of not?
Risks are everywhere,But investment in cryptocurrency is kind of good investment.

4.How does cryptocurrency works?
The most common way is Buy and Hodl(Hold),If you are investing for long term you need to to buy crypto coins of currencies whatever you want to invest and wait for the price rise.Do you know you can make lots of money even in millions by investing in cryptocurrency.Some people might have some doubts that we can lose money in investment,The reality is u can lose some money but the fact is value of currencies fluctuates and sometimes Price drops,but another time it can go up.If you want to make profit then you need to check every time whenever the price will rise you will gain profit,the profit you got you can withdraw it in your bank account and remaining u can keep it as investments.

5.How can you invest in crypto?
There are some mediator apps to invest in crypto like WazirX,BuyUcoin,Coinswich,Zebpay.The investment starts from 100rs to maximum as per your budget.You can easily deposit and withdraw by Imps,Neft,Rtgs or by using any UPI app.
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