This article is about "Anger"

Everyone knows that Anger is emotion.

Its antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.
There are many triggers for anger, such as losing your patience, feeling as if your opinion or efforts aren't appreciated and injustice.
According to study,Anger is commonly represented negative vibes and incidents.
But in some cases it can be a positive and useful emotion, if it is expressed appropriately.
Fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, embarrassment, betrayal, jealousy, sadness, hurt, and worry are some main reasons of Anger.
Anger can lead to five phases-
The arousal cycle of anger has five phases: trigger, escalation, crisis, recovery and depression.

Anger is very tightly linked to general health. If you're  angry, you'll shorten your lifespan.

Signs of Anger Issues - 
Are hurting others either verbally or physically
Always find yourself feeling angry
Feel that your anger is out of control
Frequently regret something you’ve said or done when angry
Notice that small or petty things make you angry.

According to research more than 85% criminals are victim of anger and the crime happened due to Anger.

How to control Anger?
Lots of people are not very happy with anger.They realise that due to anger they can lose everything.But they don't find a good solution to control their anger.
If you are reading this,This article might help you.
1.If you are feeling angry start playing motivational or loud beat music.This will help you to forget your angry emotion as miracle.
2.Meditation is the great way to treat your Anger issues.Once you will get used to it.You can easily change your bad mood and you will experience high energy, happiness, self-love inside you.
3.You can consult Psychiatrist if you are worried about this.Your Counselor can give good treatment according to your problem.
4.Don't hold grudges.
5.You can ask your loved one's to help you in this situation.

Remember one thing Anger can leave affect on lots of things like your health, wealth, Relationships.

If reason of your anger is a person you love or hate,Take a break and stay away from that person.Sometimes break is very necessary when it comes to relationship, nothing is bad in that.
If the opponent is depend upon you or you are dependent on that person who makes you angry..Then too you need break.Just talk to that person and do mutual understanding.
Mutual understanding is the good solution of some bas incidents and things.

"Anger is the enemy of the human, It is important to manage it before it's late"

"Its not bad thing to talk someone about Anger,Take it as good improvement"

I am Sharing example of as a story format,It will help you to understand better.Same story but different perspectives.
1.This story is Related to Anger which will show negativity.

Person 1 - Hi,How are you?
Person 2 - I am good.
Person 1 - Today I met all our old friends.But that guy who were good friend of you was saying that you spread bad things about me.And you said that I took advantage of all of our friends.
Person 2 - I have never said this,In fact Tell me one thing Do I have ever said anything bad to you about anyone?
Person 1 - Don't give senseless excuses..He started abusing person 2.
Person 1 started believing another man who told this without proof.Person 1 was not able to control his anger and he got frustrated.He was not listening opponent's side of the story.
Person 2 got angry too and that fight got shifted to bad level.

Now same story in positive manner.
Person 1 simply told to person 2 that,"Someone in our old friend's group told me that you were the one who spread bad things about me,is it true?"

Person 2 -  I have never said this,In fact Tell me one thing Do I have ever said anything bad to you about anyone?

Person 1 - On that I am trusting you because I have never seen it by myself.Hope this will not impact our friendship because I wanted to clear my doubt,thats the reason I directly asked you.I don't want to have any grudges.

Person 2 - I am very glad you asked me this clearly, something like this can creat lots of misunderstanding and arguments.

Moral : In other situation person 1 handled is anger very calmly.
"Choice is yours,how you want to express your anger."

Hope this post is helpful.

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